Site Philosophy

My goal for this site is to showcase my collection of aviation and space collectibles for others with similar interests in the things which occupy our skies.    I love the sky and all the fascinating and constantly changing and amazing visuals when we take the time to look at it. 

My hope is you end up unexpectingly finding yourself several layers deep within this site without realizing it.     That you find something interesting and continue to be drawn further into the story and the history which my collection is about.

Being a visual person you will discover I attempt to tell stories with images to accompany the narrative.      There was considerable time spent researching the facts, details, pictures and videos regarding the items in this collection.   My goal is to demonstrate to you why I found these items so interesting enough to collect.   

I am very open and would invite anbody to contact me if you have any additional information, knowledge or corrections you feel would improve this site.   Thank you.

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