Vintage Topping X-15 Model

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Model Description:

Medium:Resin Length (inches):18.0  Width (inches):7.0  Height (inches):9.0


A model of the Gruman North American X-15 made by Topping of Akron, OH, for the McDonnell Aircraft Corporation.  There were originally 3000 produced and orignally cost $8.25 to purchase.  The spacecraft is made of black and clear lucite plastic with heat stamped decals. The space vehicle is mounted in an clear plastic curved stand with a red & black attachment point representing the heated thrust eminating from the engine.    The base is marked with the North American Gruman logo.  

The models overall condition is in excellent considering it is over 50 years old.  All the decals are 100 percent intact and in good condition.

The actual aircraft depicted by this Topping model now hangs in the Smithsonian Aerospace Museum in Washinton DC.




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