Franklin Mint Lunar Module

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Model Description:

Medium:Metal  Length (inches):18  Width (inches):17  Height (inches):10


Produced by Franklin Mint in association with the National Space Society to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Apollo 11’s Moon landing and limited to 500 pieces and are now fairly difficult to find. Comes with octagonal Moon landing platform hand assembled from 120 different components. This exiting replica recreates the Apollo XI Lunar Module in amazing detail. The retractable landing gear, six antennae, even the Astronaut's ladder!   The "ascent stage" detaches from the lower "descent stage", just as it did then. The thermal insulation panels are electroplated with 24 karat gold. 

The imported model is mounted on a distinctive stand recalling "Tranquility Base".  A specially minted 25th Anniversary medallion of solid sterling silver is set into the imported base.   Has original box and packing material.  Does not have original paperwork.



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