Bandai Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-105


Model Description:

Medium:Diecast  Length (inches):8.0  Width (inches):8.0  Height (inches):15.3


Tamashii Nation's Otona no Chogokin (Bandai) release of the 1/144 scale model of the Space Shuttle Endeavour is manufactured in diecast and a resin compound with unsurpassed precision.    

The Solid Boosters and External tank all detach and offer several display options.  The internal mechanics such as the Reaction Control System (RCS) are replicated in full detail.  

I have built my own custom wood base utilizing the supplied Bandai vertical plastic hardware.   It measures 8x7x1.5 inches.

The word "Otona” means adult in Japanese, "Chogokin" referes to the super-alloy (diecast).  Overall the best Shuttle model available.



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