TRW Apollo 14 Mission Flip Reference Booklet


Item Description:

This flip reference booklet details the entire Apollo 14 mission with a balance of simple and technical wording and diagrams.    

TRW Corporation was involved in the US Space Program since 1953 developing ICBM missiles including the development of the Atlas rocket used in both the Mercury and Gemini programs.  It also developed the Titan missile.

TRW designed and built the descent engine or (LMDE) for the Apollo lunar lander.  Due to the need for a soft landing on the Moon, it was the first throttable engine for manned space flight. The requirements for high thrust. low weight,  and crushability (in case of landing on a large rock), earned surprising praise from NASA's history pages, considering the complexity of the lunar missions: "The lunar module descent engine probably was the biggest challenge and the most outstanding technical development of Apollo”. 

After the Apollo program moon landings, the LMDE was further developed into the TRW TR-201 engine. This engine was used in the second stage Delta-P of the Delta launch vehicle for 77 launches between 1972-1988.


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