STS-5 Shuttle Mission Patch & Pin


Item Description:

This is a small 2 1/2 inch mission patch and 1 inch pin I picked up at the Kennedy Space store after I viewed the launch of STS-5.  I took the launch photo on the upper left of the launch from the beach in Titusville Floridia at 07:19 EST November 11, 1982.   I rented a car in Orlando and drove out the night before.  Unable to find a hotel, I parked the car beside the beach.  I could see the shuttle all illuminated some 6 miles away to the SE of my location.    There was a party atmosphere on the beach with thousands of people parting and it was 4 o’clock in the morning.   It was an electrifying place to be.   


I had travelled all day prior, spent hours looking for a car and I was exhausted.  There was no place to sit so I stayed in the car.  I kept the car radio on and eventually somehow I fell asleep.     I recall in a half dream state noticing the sun was warming my face and then I noticed the car radio on in the background. The annnouncer introducing a reporter and then I heard the words - “we are less than 2 minutes away from the shuttle launch”   Thats when I became very awake!  I almost slept through the launch.   Agitated, but somehow I got my camera gear ready and I watched my first shuttle launch through a lens.   



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