Liberty Bell 7 Filmstrip KCSC


Item Description:

Medium:Lucite  Length (inches):8.0  Width (inches):2.5 Height (inches):3.0


A flown piece of film from the Liberty Bell 7 - 8mm camera which documented the 15 minute sub-orbital flight of the Mercury-Redstone 4 mission.        This 1 1/2 inch piece of film is encased in an 8 1/2  by 1 3/4 inch double wedge shaped impressive lucite block is numbered 42/1000.

This is an original piece of film from Liberty Bell 7 ’s pilot observation camera, which captured all the movements of astronaut Gus Grissom as he became the second American in space.   The camera which housed the film over time dissolved and the film fell to the floor of the capsule expossed to the elements making the recovery of any images impossible.    

Unable to display the "ball of film”  in any meaningful manner, the Kansas Cosmosphere sold these limited edition lucite displays containing the film cut from the recovered ball of film to support the Cosmosphere’s exhibit and educational programs.  Issued in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the flight July 21, 1961 - July 21, 2001.     They originally sold for $165.     

I have retained the original brown box and signed COA by Lowell Grissom, the brother of Gus Grissom.        


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