Liberty Bell 7 Artifact KCSC

DSC05497DSC05500DSC05502DSC05505DSC05508DSC05511DSC05514DSC05509DSC05500RecoveredLiberty Bell 7 Restoration

Item Description:

Medium:Lucite  Length (inches):7.0  Width (inches):2.0  Height (inches):5.0


Issued by the Kansas Cosmosphere in Kansas, this lucite measures 7 inches wide, 5 inches high, and 2 inches deep, and contains a flown in space artifact recovered from the Liberty Bell 7 Mercury spacecraft.   

The artifact inside the lucite is approx 2 1/2 inches long, a hollow tube with a triangular shaped end held on with a 3/4 inch bolt which goes through the hollow tube.    The artifact is an impact skirt attach fitting.  Just prior to splashdown the heavy solid heatsheild was released from the spacecraft.   The heatshield was attached to the spacecraft with a rubber skirt assembly meant to cushion the impact on the water at splashdown.  This part has been numbered with the number “95”.   It is unclear if this was marked during the restoration or during the original assembly of the spacecraft.  

This is one of the large lucites which was limited to 100 pieces and originally sold at the KCSC for $400.00.   The Kansas Cosmosphere issued 750 smaller lucites containing screws, nuts and small bolts which originally sold for $150.00.   50 unique item medium lucites such as circuit breakers, wiring clamps were sold for $250.00 each. This totals 900 lucites artifacts issued for sale.  Funds from the sale of these lucite displays were put towards the restorations costs of the Liberty Bell 7 capsule.

Has the original brown box and signed certificate of authenticity from the Kansas Cosmosphere.



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