Gemini V Heat-Shield Fragment



Item Description:

This is a heat-shield fragment from the Gemini V capsule unofficially named the Conestoga by the crew. (a covered wagon used to pioneer the west)    This 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch by 2 inches high artifact is encased in a lucite puck measuring 3.0 inches inches in diameter and 3.0 inches high.  The vintage lucite does show wear and tear with some scratching and has two small chips on the outer edges.   A unique, rare and genuine Gemini V space artifact.

The Gemini V Conestoga capsule is on permanent display at the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.  It is displayed in it’s space orbit attitude with the nose cone attached.   The original nose cone would have been jetisoned for parachute deployment. 


The Gemini heat shield was only on the very bottom of the spacecraft. The sides and top of the capsule were 0.4 mm thick nickel-chrome outer shingles fastened by beryllium retaining bolts. No heat-shield on the sides of the Gemini capsules meant astronauts lives depended on maintaining a specific orientation with the capsules end always pointing face down in the direction of travel during the re-entry.



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