Apollo 9 Lunar Module Spider Flown Mylar In Lucite

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Item Description:

This is a piece of kapton foil insulation encased in lucite, which flew in Earth orbit as part of the top hatch of the Apollo 9 Lunar Module Spider from March 3-13, 1969.


This insulation was used to provide thermal protection for the Lunar Module when flying solo at the Moon and while on the Lunar surface. During the Apollo 9 mission, with rendezvous operations complete, and Spider ultimately being cast-off in the abyss of space, the insulation was no longer needed.   Commander James McDivitt and Russell (Rusty) Schweickart removed the insulation immediately prior to releasing Spider from the Command Module at the conclussion of its successful test flight.


This artifact is from the personal collection of Russell L. Schweickart which was donated exclusively to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation for the Space Artifact Series Program.    It is a limited edition with numbers 161/200 released in 2009.    Includes a signed Apollo 9 Lunar Module Pilot Russell Schweickart provanance certificate, issued by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

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