Vintage CFAC 960 Radio Pin


Item Description:

Medium:Metal Length (inches):1.5 Width (inches):0.3 Height (inches):0.75


In the early 1980’s my first flying job was with the Calgary Flying Club who had a contract to provide a plane and pilot for CFAC Radio to conduct morning and afternoon Air Traffic Reports.    In the mornings we would fly the radio station announcers and the afternoon flights several Calgary City Police Constables rotated the reporting duties. 

My very first time on the radio was on CFAC 960 in 1985 when I was invited for a tour of the station by Paul Dunphy who was one of the announcers whom I flew for the traffic reports from the Flying Club.   He needed someone to voice one line for a radio spot and that was my big break into radio.   "Super Pop Pop Corn” was my line.   Listened to the radio that night for three hours waiting to hear it.


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