66 CFR Coffee Mug



Item Description:

Medium:Ceramic Length (inches):5.0 Width (inches):3.5 Height (inches):4.5


This was our competion at the New CISS AM.    On the day we launched the new radio station we drove around the Calgary in a City Bus with a complete advertising wrap on the outside of the bus.   We were a moving billboard.  

For fun we drove by the 66 CFR studio's and parked right out front.   They were the station we were after in the ratings. The Station Manager dared me to get off the bus, run inside and ask for a 66 CFR coffee mug.    They gave me this one and I ran back into the bus to roaring laughter from everybody on the bus.    It was fun.   

I vividly recall the morning 660 CFR signed on the air.   They had heavy promotions going on for weeks prior to that morning.    Here is what we all heard.



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