Vintage Pacmin Lockheed   L-1329 JetStar

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Item Description:

Pacmin presentation 1:48 scale model of the L-1329 Lockheed JetStar presented to the flight crew taking possesion of new aircraft.  This is a rare and difficult to find model in the original factory colours and is a solid resin model.    It has a dark stained oak base with no marking which detaches from the model.   Overall condition is excellent.   There are some minor dings on the wingtips and there is noticable scraping on the belly from the stand.     Some very minor yellowing of the decals.    High quality model is marked with the original factory colours and “N” number N711Z.     Weighs approx 2 lbs.  

     Medium:Resin  Length (inches):15  Width (inches):14  Height (inches) 9


The Lockheed L-1329 Jetstar bearing the same N711Z “N” number was made famous in the James Bond movie "Goldfinger" which was owned by Goldfinger and piloted by Pussy Galore.   It was also used in other movies such as Cliffhanger and Face/Off and was eventually owned by Elvis Presley.   The registration N711Z can be traced to nine different JetStar aircraft over the years.



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