Realistic VHF Radio Receiver


Item Description:

The Radio Shack AM/FM/VHF-air Pocket Radio, or "Jetstream Radio," was catalog number 12-615.   I have retained all the original manual and box.    In 1975 it retailed for $24.99, or 1250 pop cans at 2 cents each back in the day.   I spent countless hours sitting in the ditch beside Springbank Airport listening to all the airport communictations.   By the time I started flying lessons I was already very familiar with all the aviation terminology and circuit proceedures at YBW.


The VHF-AM frequency range is 107 to 136 MHz and the radio can therefore receive VOR, tower, ground, ATIS/ASOS/AWOS frequencies as well as ELT, EPIRB, and practice beacon frequencies.   The radio also receives standard AM & FM broadcast bands.  The Jetsream Radio will receive an ELT at about 1 mile, 2 miles.


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