Learjet Angle of Attack Indicator


Item Description:

Medium:Metal  Length (inches):2.0  Width (inches):0.2  Height (inches):2.0


In  aerodynamics,  the angle of attack specifies the angle between the chord line of the wing and the vector representing the relative motion between the aircraft and the atmosphere.

On most airfoil shapes, as the angle of attack increases, the upper surface separation point of the flow of air moves from the trailing edge towards the leading edge.  At the critical angle of attack, upper surface air flow is more separated and the wing is producing its maximum coefficient of lift.   As the angle of attack increases further, the upper surface flow becomes more and more fully separated and the wing encounters and aerodynamic stall.   

The exterior angle of attack vane located on the nose of the LearJet measures the angle of attack of the relative airflow and feeds this information to the aircraft computer which displays the information on the indicator located on the dashboard. Pilots use this information to avoid getting close to unsuitable flight conditions in all stages of flight.         


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