Austrailian Returning Boomerang



Item Description:

Medium:Wood  Length (inches):21.0  Width (inches):0.25  Height (inches):2.5


This is a vintage Austrailian Returning Boomerang made from an unknown wood type.  It has a wingspan of 18 inches.  The boomerang has an airfoil shape with one end carved with a 6 inch indentation or slice designed to change the airflow over one end.   This causes the boomerang to fly in a arched slow curve, which is how it returns.  This boomerang has kangaroo’s etched and burned into the upper surface and is marked on the back with “Austrailian Returning Boomerang”.

The challange with boomerangs is they work.  Once you throw them, they come back and you must quickly be prepared to catch, duck or have a ride to the emergency clinic.         


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