Westjet / Morgan Air Promo Model


Model Description:

Medium:Plastic/Wood Length (inches):7.0 Width (inches):6.0 Height (inches):5.5


Circa 1998, this WestJet model is mounted onto a custom wooden base with the then new Morgan Air Charter Division logo and  “Thanks for Flying With Us!”.    The plastic promotional model was aquired directly from WestJet and the wooden base and the color printed name plate were custom made.   The model measures 7 inches wide by 7 inches long, and stands 5 inches tall at the tail.   Shows tail markings C-GMWJ.   Maker of the model is unknown.

At the time I was the Charter/Sales Manager with Morgan Air and headed up spliting the charter division from the flying school.    We moved the charter operations away from the flying school and set up corporate offices and hangar to accomadate two newly aquired King Air turboprops and several piston charter aircraft.   We began marketing directly to the Oil Companies offering corporate air charter services.   

Tim Morgan, the owner of Morgan Air and one of the original founders of WestJet, gave us Travel Agency access for direct WestJet bookings.     We promoted Morgan Air for air charter services, however when an air charter was not cost effective for the client,  we then could offer special exclusive WestJet fares, even for last minute bookings.    These models were given to prospective clients to promote this service.    This program was very successful until WestJet went public and Morgan Air no longer had access to the WestJet booking system.    


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