Wardair B707 Vintage A.W. Vogelaar Model

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Item Description:

This is a vintage model of the Wardair B707.   This is a rare and very difficult to find model which is in almost pristine condition.     This aircraft depicts CF-ZYP which had the large cargo door.   This model is made by the high end Brazillian  manufactuer A.W. Vogelaar Models.   The gold sticker on the back of the base reads “A.W. Vogelaar Novo Hamburgo-R.G.S.  Brasil”.   

I contacted Mr. Vogelaar in May 2016 regarding the model and this was his reply.  “The model was made in my factory in 1975.  I made 100 white pieces to Boeing.  It was a special order.”      This information seems to indicate that Boeing did the decal work and presented these models to Wardair and possibly other airlines.  The stand is not a standard Vogelaar stand and was likely mated with the model by the Boeing factory model division.  It is unknown how many Wardair B707 models were made in total.   These were likely promotional gifts given to Wardair management as Wardair contiued purchasing aircraft from Boeing with the B747 around that time.   

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This model would likely have sat in the executive offices of Wardair management.   

Max Ward

The B707 model is in excellent condition with only two very minor blemishes and some yellowing and minor flaking of the decals.  

     Medium:Resin  Length (inches):17.5  Width (inches):17.75  Height (inches):7.25


Wardair B707 Interior

This is a very special model for me, bringing back memories of a very special time in Canada’s aviation history which I was fortunate enough to experience first hand.

Hawaii 1973

On January 28, 1973 our family flew to Honolulu on Wardair’s B707.   I was 11 years old at the time and vividly remember the experience. These pictures were taken during the flight over to Honolulu.   That’s me in the middle in the bright (not pink) purple shirt.     That was my first visit to the flight deck of a modern jetliner and I was awestruck.   I will never forget that feeling.    

Leaving KHNL Feb 1973 copy

I took the image above as we were boarding our flight to go home after two weeks in Hawaii in February 1973. 



CF-ZYP is still in service with the US Air Force.    This is an image taken in 2015 taking off from Japan.


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