Wardair B747 CF-FUN Vintage Pacific Minatures Model


Model Description:

Medium:Resin  Length (inches):28.5  Width (inches):24.0  Height (inches):11.25


WA Logo

This is an older Wardair promotional model made by Pacific Minatures (PACMIN) of California circa 1974.    Their identification sticker is affixed to the underside of the model stand.      This model is in excellent condition for being over 40 years old.   There is some decal loss and there are several minor scrapes and dings.    Both outside engines had once been broken off and have since been restored.


Notice the Canadian registration marks CF-FUN on the model.    Wardair took delivery of CF-FUN in December of 1974.   Canadian registration marks were changed from a CF- prefix to a C-F & C-G prefix in 1975.    This dates this model to before 1975 when Wardair was taking delivery of it’s first B747 aircraft.   The model also has the original old style Wardair stylized “C” logo and speed lined “Wardair” wording on the fuselage.    Wardair modernized the aircraft markings in 1977 when they changed their name to Wardair International. 


This model was displayed in a Wardair’s Managers office in Edmonton and was given to a friend after Wardair was sold.   The model was displayed in that friends home for approximately 28 years prior to myself aquiring this model.  

Wardair’s founder Max Ward displayed an identical model in his office and in his home as evidenced by this recent picture below.   


I had the pleasure to fly on C-FFUN from Calgary to Honolulu in 1980.   Sat in the very first window seat in the nose ahead and beneath the flight deck.   Absoluetely first class and memorable in every way.  

Scan 3


Wardair Shrine

My Wardair collection with the PACMIN B747,  a Vogelaar B707, Topping B727 and a Air Jet Advance B747.   The bottom shelf includes an un-used paper B707 and B727 check-in seating plan, wings, badges and other assorted collectibles.   


This documentary is 50 minutes but very interesting and well worth the time spent watching.


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