Pacific Western Airlines Airbus A320 Concept Model


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Model Description:

Medium:Solid Resin Length (inches):15.0 Width (inches):13.5 Height (inches):8.0


This is a rare and unique 1:100 scale model of an Airbus A320-100 in the Pacific Western Airlines livery circa 1986.   It is made by Wesco Models.    Pacific Western Airlines never operated any Airbus aircraft.   I aquired this model from a former senior Airbus executive.    This is what he told me about the history of this model.  

"The model dates back to 1986 when Airbus was located in the Rockefeller center in NY.    I had been brought in to "sort out" (sic) Canada in February 1986.   Our new VP from Toulouse visited Montreal along with our North American President and determined there were internal issues with the Canadian office.   I walked in to my NY office that morning, my secretary rushed in and closed the door, and said I was to get the first available flight to Montreal.   

After a little research over the course of a couple of weeks living in Montreal,  I rapidly concluded Air Canada and Canadian Pacific were in very intense competition.   I felt it was important that the same sales person should not cover both accounts.    I therefore closed the Montreal office and we proceeded to work out of NY.      I appointed a colleague to cover the Canadian Pacific and Wardair accounts.    Because PWA were then in a marketing alliance with Air Canada,  I decided to cover both of these accounts.   Air Canada was deeply involved in evaluating replacements for their 727s,  and of course PWA had aging 737s.   

In addition to mounting a major campaign in Montreal with Air Canada,  I led my team with presentations to the PWA management in Calgary.    Rhys Eaton, Murray Siegler, etc.   I had a few models made by Wesco for PWA, and rather more for AC.   As you can see, this is an early model-the -100 - without the small wing tip fences introduced from number 22 off the production line.

Around this time Pacific Western Airlines purchased Canadian Pacific Airlines and later Wardair.   The amalgimated company was Canadian Airlines International (CAI).   They operated as Canadian Airlines and shortly thereafter operated the Airbus A320 aircraft. 

This is a custom model made by the now defunct Wesco Models and is in mint condition and includes the original factory box.



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