Cessna 172 Rainbow Warrior CKXL / FM96 Traffic Watch Aircraft

Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-2Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-1Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-3Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-5Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-6Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-7Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-4Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-8Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-9Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-13Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-12Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-15Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-25Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-26Rainbow Warrior C-GSEX-30

Model Description:

Medium:Wood Length (inches):16.0 Width (inches):17.0 Height (inches):9.0


I commissioned this custom made model through Pacific Aircraft Models in 2002. It depicts the Cessna 172 C-GSEX  “Rainbow Warrior”.   CKXL Radio used the rainbow in all it’s logos and this was adopted into the aircrafts markings.    The aircraft was dubbed the “Rainbow Warrior”  by the morning Disk Jockeys.   

My job was very unique as I managed the day to day operations of the aircraft and twice daily I flew the aircraft single pilot and conducted traffic reports and also contributed with ad lib patter on both Morning and Afternoon Drive shows for two Calgary radio stations CKXL (Later CISS AM) and Music 96 as on air personality Commander Cody from 1987 to 1990.  

I continued as a Traffic Reporter, Music Host, and Talk Show Technical Producer for Terry Moore, Dave Rutherford and the Calgary Stampeders broadcasts for several more years at QR77 Radio.

Bankers Hall 1988


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