Canadair CT-114 Tutor -Restoration Project


Model Description:

Medium:Resin Length (inches):12.0 Width (inches):11.0 Height (inches):9.0


This is an original vintage factory model of the Canadair CT-114 Tutor aircraft which came directly from the Canadair Montreal facility.   

This model was aquired directly from a former Canadair Engineer who worked in the Overhaul and Repair Division at Canadair in the late 1970’s.   This is what he told me about the history of the model. 

"The Tutor model was given to me when I was at Canadair. It was painted in the original RCAF livery, but unfortunately someone spilled gold paint all over it.   They were throwing it out and I rescued it. I wet sanded it down to the base white coat but never did a thing more with it. It is an actual company model. Wing span is 11" so it is about a 1/40  scale.  The model appears to be a phenolic resin type based on the few places that the paint is slightly sanded through."

My intentions were to restore this model back to it’s original RCAF livery with the silver and red/black markings.  I have decided to leave it this way because the story is much more interesting than a new looking model.  The base is not original.




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