Canadair CL-13 Sabre Mk-1 Prototype Model


Model Description:

Medium:Resin Length (inches):10.5 Width (inches):11.0 Height (inches):6.5


This is a vintage resin model of the Canadair  CL-13 (F-86 Mk-1) RCAF Sabre jet fighter aircraft.   This model depicts the original markings of the original Canadair factory prototype aircraft, tail number 19101.

Circa 1950, this solid, heavy plastic model is made by Topping Models and is in near mint condition.  Markings are all original hand painted.  No decals.  The acrylic base resembles an Arabian Sabre and is marked  "The North American Aviation Inc. F-86 Sabre Manufactured in Canada by Canadair Limited Montreal”.

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The first F-86 Sabre aircraft assembled in Canada was known as the CL-13 Sabre Mk 1.   It bore the RCAF serial number 19101, and was marked CK-R for testing.   It basically was an F-86A-5-NA since it had been assembled mostly from parts shipped to Canada from North American Aviation.  Only one Sabre-Mk-1 was ever built.  This model depicts that exact aircraft.

The original prototype 19101 was delivered to the RCAF in August 1950.  In 1957 the aircraft was transfered to the Central Experimental and Proving Establishment (CEPE) and it’s markings were changed to PX-101.  The aircraft was taken out of RCAF service On September 7th, 1965.


The original prototype aircraft was displayed on a pedestal in front of the 700 Wing of the RCAF Association in Edmonton, Alberta from 1965 to 2001, when it was then moved to the Alberta Aviation Museum also in Edmonton. 

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