British Airways Concorde  1:72 Scale

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Model Description:

Medium:Solid Resin Length (inches):33.0 Width (inches):14.0 Height (inches):9.0


This model is made by the world famous Space Models of England. British Airways Concorde model in 1:72 scale is in the early livery colors BA operated from 1976 thru 1985.  Has the original Speedbird logo below the cockpit.    Interesting to note the Concorde had to be primarly white in color to help disipate heat generated during supersonic operations.   British Airways took delivery of 7 Concorde aircraft.

The model has some condition issues which are to be expected for a model 35 years old.  There is some decal wear and loss behind the left cockpit area and on the blue speed strip on the underside.  The tail has some nicks and scratches in the blue and red paint.   There are several dings on the wingtips and the nose and tail.   As you can tell by the photo’s this model still shows very well. 

The display stand is not the original stand.   The original stand was a metal tripod style base which stood the model up almost 48 inches tall for display in travel agencies.    Has the original Space Models sticker on the belly. 



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