Beechcraft King Air 90     CF-HBW


Item Description:

This vintage resin Beechcraft factory model of a King Air 90 aircraft has lots of scars, peeling decals, scrapes and scratches, cracks and dings giving it the character which comes with age of a model dating back to 1968.   It is also missing both propellers and spiners.  The decals are very detailed including Beechcraft logo and aircraft badging which was on the original aircraft. 

Medium:Resin  Length (inches):14.5  Width (inches):19.0  Height (inches):9.0

I believe it was once owned by the now defunct Hudsons Bay Oil and Gas company.   This is still to be confirmed.   This image is of a HBOG King Air 90 in Jasper date unknown.    The paint is slightly different and the tail is not visible to identify.   HBOG operated several aircraft C-GHBX  C-GHBG, C-GHBQ over the years and I suspect this was one of theirs.   If you have any additional information, please let me know.  

HBOG King Air Jasper

I am still researching the the known history of the actual aircraft.  It was manufactured in 1968 as serial number LJ-336 and was privately registared as CF-HBW in 1968.    It was later re-registared as C-FHBW and changed hands in the 1970’s to Trent Air Ltd.   It was later aquired by Voyageur Airways in Ontario and was de-registered in 1991 and was aquired by the Danish Government Training School in Kastrup Denmark.

This image below is of the aircraft in the Voyageur hangar with updated paint.



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