BAE Hawker Sidley HS125 Space Models Blank


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Model Description:

Medium:Solid Resin Length (inches):12.0 Width (inches):12.0 Height (inches):8.5


This is a Space Models 1:48 scale contractors model of the BAE HS125.   This is a blank model which was never painted to any specific livery.    The model did not have an original stand.  The stand pictured is home-made with a wood plinth and a commercial made metal stand attached which was designed for a 1:16 scale Pilatus model.   


Initially known as the De Havilland Jet Dragon, this aircraft was one of the first generation of executive jets and its success was such that derivatives of the type remained in production some 50 years after its first flight in 1962.  De Havilland's plans for the aircraft was to replace the successful but aging piston powered De Havilland Dove.   The HS125 was intended to meet a list of variables demanded by the succesful business user including a 1,000+ mile range with fasters  speeds and efficientcies.   


The HS125 is a low-winged, twin rear jet engined monoplane with a swept wing and large flaps for ease of operation in and out of shorter runways.   The aircraft saw major success in the USA with over 400 of the 650 aircraft being flown primarly in the US market.  

HS125 Interior

Hawker Siddeley became part of British Aerospace in 1977 and the model versions which appeared after that date are predominantly BAe125's, although it was often still marketed as the HS or Hawker 125.


In the cockpit the HS125 has the very distintive “M” shaped control wheel which was also used later in the British & French made Concorde supersonic airliner.   



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