Air Canada B767 Vintage Airjet Advance Model


Model Description:

Medium: Solid Resin Length (inches):9.75 Width (inches):9.5 Height (inches):6.5


This is a AirJet Advance issued model of an Air Canada B767 in the 2nd generagtion Air Canada livery in 1:200 scale.    Heavy solid one piece model is circa 1985.  The model includes the original stand and swivel attach point and is in mint condition.  

Having always liked the original Air Canada livery with the black nose and black lettering, I never did care for the “new”  Air Canada colours. It was a big deal when Air Canada introduced the first metric aircraft with the B767.   The Gimli incident made this livery famous around the world.    The aircraft continued on in service with Air Canada after the Gimli having been repainted serveral times and was taken out of service in 2008. 



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