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Skythings.ca is the vision of Noel Wallace (me) an avid aviation & space buff with over 40 years experience in collecting aviation and space memorabillia. There is a passion within me for anything to do with the sky,  airplanes, spaceflight, clouds, weather watching, astronomy and birds to name a few.

My background in aviation started at a very young age when the Canadian Government expropriated our neighbors farm and built Springbank Airport in 1969.   As soon as I saw those airplanes, I was like a moth driven to a porch light.    That was me, the young boy you saw sitting in the north ditch on the approach to runway 34 with his bicycle watching the airplanes landing overhead.    

After starting flying lessons at age 16 and obtaining my Commercial Pilot’s license at age 18,  I spent many years acquiring 6000 hrs flying experience flying across western & northern Canada on pipeline air patrols, corporate charters and medivacs. Later I combined an interest in radio broadcasting and flying and spent 10 years as a Calgary Traffic Reporter/Pilot with several Calgary radio stations using the on-air handle Commander Cody. In the most recent years I became involved with several aviation ventures at a management level.


I was only 8 years old on July  20th,1969, when Neil Armstrong navigated his way down the rungs of the ladder on the Lunar Module and gently stepping onto the surface of the Moon.   I vividly recall watching a small black & white TV on that memorable Sunday evening at my Grandma’s place.  

Never will I forget the feelings of the entire World pulled together as one.   Of the inspiration and tremendous feelings of human achievement.   Even though this was an American mission we all felt proud to be part of it in Canada.   Looking back,  I feel strongly that the Moon landing was one of the most memorable and historical events which has ever occured in my lifetime thus far. The U.S. Space Program has been a fascinating hobby of mine since.  

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